Wednesday, December 8, 2010

awkward feeling

I hate this feeling.. seems like I cannot enjoy the time and the situation also. right?!!

Well, my be I'm still shy or I still cannot accept my b*** style. What wrong ya? We are women, we must have lot of story to share! Grrrr.. I hate quiet!!

is that true when two women with mulut becok or friendly person cannot stay in one room? or the level make me feel difference and I cannot perform even talks better! Still today I cannot have good conversation with her. yelah, memang lah tak ada kerja sangat but I can feel that we are not good mate. What I'm thinking.. she's level 27. hmm.. I hope at least we can share laugh together even she's already married.

people say she nice and sweet. well I hope so because we will stay longer then we expected!

I really hate awkward feeling!! --> baru lagi kan, so sabar je lah.. ggrrrrr

ishhh..nak balik lah macam ni.. cau!