Tuesday, January 25, 2011


lagu ni boleh tahan kat telinga aku
apa yang diorang nyanyi and bahasa diorang memang aku tak faham
tapi layan translate dia, not bad ^^
jadi aku pun enjoy je dengar lagu ni..

hoot (English translation)

The moment I blink
Again, you check it out
Stop staring at the girls passing by
Acting like you’re not, like you didn’t hear
That snort with a thorn stuck in it
All, all, all of it is weird

How about being a little more nice to me?
Your abrupt speech hurts so much
I really don’t like
Becoming used to it
All, all, all of it is disappointing

Where are you looking?
I’m right here

*Because of you, my heart wears an armor
Now I’ll fight back
Your arrow is trouble, trouble, trouble
It aimed at me
You shoot, shoot, shoot
I hoot, hoot, hoot

I’m scarred by your words soaked in poison
I gave you a second chance
You’re definitely trouble, trouble, trouble
You waited for the right time
You shoot, shoot, shoot
I hoot, hoot, hoot*

I heard you fell deeply into another girl’s trap?
End of excuses! You still can’t come to your sense, can you?
You won’t meet a good girl with that attitude
You, you, you, forever

Don’t be mistaken
You’re not cupid (You are)

** dlm vidoe ni deme sume nampak sgt channtekk (*_^)