Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'll be there when you need me

it is a simple sentences but when someone who did love you say like that, you feel so peaceful especially when you in trouble and big problem..

I love this series and every time I watch, it will be end with my tears! this series indirectly teach me to appreciate my life

I totally will cry and review back what I have done in my life.. so saddd..

the words came from the series, simple and always be hear but it really stabbed my heart-this time!.

.. in my mind what will happen to me if i lose someone who did love me, when i don't appreciate them.. when i dont do what should i do!

enough with my emo.. but what i can say this series is better then grey's anatomy..haha even this series inspired by the same director..

"I'll be there when you need me"..