Monday, April 11, 2011

another Fifty just easy to fly away

because I'm just stress when sometime things are not going good
so.. it easy to spend some salary savings 

from google.. how easy money can fly.. 

I really wish that I have the M16 to shoot the flying money...prangggg

just RM35 for my medical treatment and my medicine 

asal aku tak pergi panel je? punya la berlambak panel, klinik ni juga aku nak pergi.. 
klinik ni lagi dekat lor ngn umah aku 

dah tu aku merayau ke Tesco cari mam tgh hari.. 

silver bracelet RM15

memang la aku beli yang murah aje, tapi duit juga kan.. sigh*


iced lemon tea for RM 1.80.. perghhhh!!!

my lunch. Black Paper Chicken Rice for RM 5.80..

so that is it (until 3 o'clock).. calculate all the item that I already spend it..
what to do :(
oh money-money
you are really drive me crazy