Friday, November 25, 2011

its sucks

You choose which one do you want need.

Sometime I skip my class, but for a reason. What make me sad or sometime feel awkward, this is because when I share with them;

Man 1 : nape ponteng kelas? Malas lah tu..

Man 2 : nape ponteng kelas? Awak tak sehat ke?

Can you see the different? After all day, I just need refreshment, not easy blaming without know the real situation. You are not in my surrounding, and then you do not know what exactly I have been through all this time.

Just shut up!  Honestly, I am so upset with guy no 1. 

choose correctly mcm pilih antara ferero roche, kinder bueno atau cadbury
pilih bukan sebab kemahalan coklat tersebut
tetapi pilih sebab kesedapan dan kecairan coklat tersebut di dalam mulut anda