Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my bad english

Testing-testing mic ; today I feel like want to give speech in English, even though broken or senget-senget or orang putih tak akan faham langsung.. still I wanna give a try – this is much better then don’t want to try at all. 


Ok back to the point.. let me think first. Do I have to sound like British or American?? Ermmm which one ya??!!! HEY WE ARE MALAYSIAN! SO SPEAK LIKE A MALAYSIA, but please..like a educated citizen ok--> start merepek da!

Make it easy and simple and everyone can read (just like standard one essay..booo). Forget about the grammar, vocub, verb or pronunciations because of our tongue, slang and dialect are just like that. Isn’t it?? (Watch out with your spelling too)

See.. because of this thought, I don’t get A++ in my English subject. Hey what wrong with us? Or actually what wrong with me??  Don’t you want to be able speak in English with full of confident. Oh ya speaking of confident, I and myself sometime don’t have any courage to speak in English even though I have too! Hmm, what wrong ya!

The reason is (act this is my reason)

Lower information.
Sometime we stuck when we cannot translate between the two languages. Am I right? So, when we cannot translate or change the words then we can’t finish our line or sentences. Then for the result is embarrassing (this is fragment). The worst part is jadi bahasa rojak.

Lack of read in English
True! so, if we want to improve our English, we need to read more in English. Go and buy novels, books, magazine or any materials in English THEN READ! Bukan buat perhiasan di atas meja ruang tamu!

Refuse to study English
na-na-na.. if I get better teacher, then I will came to the class with full of attention. Who wants to be my beloved teacher?? ^____^.. tell you, I'm very good student.. trust me..haha

We are Malay
do you speak with you parents in English? all off the time? 24 hours?? do you talk with all your friends in English too or do you ask to buy the fish in the market with English words? na-na-na, not everyone talk in English right, and the most important things is, we have our own language and we are very comfortable to talk in Malay.. am I right?? ^^ 

Your dictionary
Who have dictionary on her/his beg? Put up your hand up!?.. me? I don’t have.. hee.. anyway, my friend always bring his dictionary. HE READ DICTIONARY OK.. Different with me. Go and get dictionary when I need to find the meaning in Malay or opposite.. so compassionate! In the end, I make him became my dictionary. Hehe

Can you imagine, when we talk to somebody and we stuck and we have to find the dictionary to find the words. So the listener will wait with furrowed brow. Keh keh keh

“wait-wait aa, I have to find words in my English dictionary. 
Hold on first, I need to find word t-u-n-g-g-u”.

So guys, hey buat ape kat korang pulak.. pada aku lah! Baru betul..k, k, so if I wanna make another high stage make sure my English is better than today!

Oh my God.. this post is really-really like standard one writing!

Readers, came give me your mark!TQ